Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd and its subsidiaries (“we” or “us” or “our”) are currently taking an exercise to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“the Act”). The Act was passed by the Malaysian government to regulate the processing of personal data in a commercial transaction. To comply with the Act, we are required to manage the personal data that we collect from you during the course of our business.


“Personal Data” means information about you which may be subject to applicable data protection, privacy and other similar laws and may include but not limited to information concerning your name, date of birth, identity card number, passport number, address, gender, race, nationality, contact information, e-mail address, references, residential or postal addresses, your employer’s name, address, telephone or fax number, your previous addresses and preferred mode of communication, any previous names you may have used or aliases, religion, account details, credit card details, bank name and other pertinent banking information, tax file identification number, EPF number, and any other information about you that has been or may be collected, stored, used and processes by us from time to time.


In the course of your dealings with us, we will request that you provide data and information about your Personal Data to enable us to enter into commercial transaction with you or to deliver the necessary notices, services and/or properties in connection with our business. These are relevant in connection with our business process, execution, including delivery of notices, services and/or properties client relationship management, planning purposes in connection with future properties launches and events including promotional events within our projects.

The Personal Data will be collected, processed and used by us for the following purposes:

  1. the delivery of notices, services or properties and the marketing of such services or properties whether present or future, to you;
  2. in order for you to enter into the necessary agreement to purchase the properties from us;
  3. the maintenance and upkeep of customer records and development;
  4. those purposes specifically provided for in any particular service or product offered by us or our partners;
  5. marketing and client profiling activities regarding our latest projects, properties and/or services;
  6. preparation and execution of all necessary documents and agreements for our projects, properties and/or services with you;
  7. credit assessments, financial as and when deemed necessary;
  8. our internal record keeping;
  9. meeting any legal or regulatory requirements relating to our provision of services and properties and to make disclosure under the requirements of any applicable law, regulation, direction, court order, by-law, guideline, circular, code applicable to us;
  10. enable us to send you information by e-mail, regular postal mail, telecommunication means (telephone calls, SMS messages or social chat applications) or internet social media about products and services offered by selected third parties that we think may interest you but doing so we maintain control over your Personal Data and we will not disclose your Personal Data to any third parties without your prior written consent;
  11. vacant possession, customer care and/or defect rectification works;
  12. any subsequent commercial transactions in relation to any projects, properties and/or services; and
  13. for the compliance with any law, legal obligation and administrative of justice.


The Personal Data will be collected, processed and used by us are sourced from wholly legitimate and transparent means such as:

  1. agreements and contracts for sale and purchase of our properties or for our services;
  2. official registration forms (either electronic or printed) for new launches or property roadshows, showcases, exhibitions or any other promotional events;
  3. any emails or any correspondences that we have received from you requesting for information or making any inquiries;
  4. any forms that you have submitted on our website;
  5. any referrals from a person which have included their verifiable personal contact details;
  6. letters of offer from financial institutions (local and foreign) for pre-approved loans;
  7. letters of offer from the government bodies;
  8. business cards that were dropped or given to our employees, agents, brokers or associates; or
  9. any documents (including but not limited to statutory forms and returns) that were submitted to us for processing.


Subject to any exceptions under any applicable law you have the right to request access to and if required, correction of your Personal Data in our records. You have the right to:

  1. Check whether we hold or use your Personal Data and request access to such data;
  2. Request for amendment of any of your Personal Data that is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date;
  3. Request your Personal Data is retained by us only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which it was collected;
  4. Withdraw in full or in part of your consent given previously subject to any applicable restrictions, contractual conditions and a reasonable time period; and
  5. Inquiries in respect of your Personal Data.


The Personal Data provided to us will be kept confidential and you hereby agree that we may disclose and transfer your Personal Data to the following classes of parties (whether in Malaysia or abroad):

  1. any persons, government agencies, statutory authorities and/or industry regulators whom we are compelled or required to do so pursuant to any law;
  2. any related companies and/or subsidiaries of Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd, including those incorporated in the future;
  3. our business partners and affiliates that provide related services or products in connection with our business;
  4. our auditors, consultants, lawyers, accountants or other financial or professional advisers appointed in connection with our business; and
  5. our third party service providers, third party management companies, sub-contractors or other parties as may be deemed necessary by us to facilitate your dealings with us.
  6. The third parties are also held legally responsible for securing your Personal Data at an appropriate level of security in relation to applicable data protection laws and widely accepted industry standards.


Your Personal Data will be stored and processed in a secured manner. The appropriate administrative and security safeguards, policies and procedures will be implemented, as far as practicable, in accordance to the applicable laws and regulations. We will, as far as practicable, aim to prevent any unauthorized and/or unlawful processing of, and the accidental loss, destruction or damage to your Personal Data.


The Personal Data provided to us are wholly voluntary in nature and you are not under any obligation or under any duress to do so. Your failure to provide the Personal Data where it is obligatory for you to provide the same may result in the following which we shall not be held liable for any of the consequences arising therefrom:

  1. the inability of parties to formalize any contract and/or agreement and/or Sale and Purchase Agreement / tenders / Letter of Awards / in relation to the sale of our property, products and/or services, to facilitate our project;
  2. the inability for us to provide you with the notices, services and/or properties requested;
  3. the inability for us to update you with the latest properties launches;
  4. the inability to complete commercial transactions in relation to our projects, properties or services; and
  5. the inability to comply with any applicable law, regulation, direction, court order, by laws, guidelines and/or codes applicable to us.


Except otherwise permitted or required by applicable law or regulatory requirements, we will retain your Personal Data as long as it is necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes for which the Personal Data was collected or is required to satisfy legal regulatory, accounting requirements or to protect our company’s interest.


Any queries on the processing of Personal Data, request of access and correction relating to Personal Data shall be submitted to us at the following address or e-mail:

  1. Address : Putrajaya Holdings Sdn. Bhd. Menara PjH No. 2, Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, Precinct 2, 62100 Putrajaya
  2. E-mail :


In accordance to Section 7(3) Personal Data Protection Act 2010, this Policy is issued in both Bahasa Malaysia and English languages. In the event of any inconsistency, the English language version of this Policy shall prevail.

This Personal Data and Privacy Notice is dated 15 February 2014 and is subject to amendments from time to time. We will notify you should there be any material change(s) to this notice.