7 August 2020: The launch of PJH’s Anti Bribery Management System at The Everly Putrajaya

5 January 2021

7August 2020: The launch of PJH’s Anti Bribery Management System at The Everly Putrajaya

We at Putrajaya Holdings Sdn Bhd and its subsidiaries (collectively referred to as PjH Group), are committed to applying the highest standards of integrity, ethical conduct, and accountability in all our business activities and operations. This policy statement on Anti Bribery Management System applies to all business operations, stakeholders, and partners within the PjH Group can be found on our website under the policy section.

 The Company has formulated additional and enhanced procedures and control to provide a defense measure under the Section 17A of MACC (Amendment) Act 2018, by establishing the Anti Bribery Management System (“ABMS”) and have obtained the ISO 37001:2016 certificate by SIRIM on 22 November 2020. The ISO 37001 is a standard of Anti-Bribery Management System designed to help commercial organizations prevent, detect, and respond to bribery incidences. The ISO 37001 set out the requirements and guidance in assisting an organization establish an efficient anti-bribery management system.

 PJH has always upheld and implemented strong business ethics in conducting its business as it is the only way to ensure sustainability of the Company. Thus, the implementation of a system to combat corruption is nothing new to us. PJH has tolerance for bribery or corruption in any form, which reflects our ICLIP shared values, embedded in our Code of Business Ethics (CoBE) and practiced in our business activities. The ABMS which have been rolled out in June 2020 provide more stringent Standard Operating Procedure (“SOP”) for staff to follow so that we conform to section 17A of the Act.